Know More No Less
How to get EXACTLY what you need financially to go to college.
Graduating from a post secondary institution is a very exciting time. However, too many students graduate with more debt than they can handle. Once the obligation to start paying back student loans begins, students soon come to realize how difficult it is to get out of debt. The financial outlook is even more overwhelming for those unfortunate students who borrowed high interest loans using credit cards or "insta-loan" companies.

At Bridges, we want students to be fully prepared, borrowing the exact amount of financial assistance to get them through college and on a comfortable loan repayment schedule. Because of our commitment to students, Bridges has put together a Financial Readiness Workbook called 'Know More No Less' to help define a student's post-secondary financial needs. Helping students identify the exact amount of financial assistance required to complete their post-secondary education, reduces the term and interest they have to pay back after graduation. This knowledge also helps reduce the risk of students not having enough money, forcing them to high interest alternatives.

Workbook Activities
Activity 3
Paying for College

Activity 4
Online Student Loan Application - Practice Version*

*Practice version does not allow user to input personal information. Actual Wachovia application may differ.

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The Know More No Less Workbook is designed to help you define your post-secondary financial needs. In this workbook you will identify how much money you require to complete your post-secondary education, learn how to access non-loan sources to support your post secondary interests, as well as how to apply for financial assistance online.

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The Know More No Less Educator Lesson Plans enable educators to quickly teach students basic skills for seeking financial aid. The lessons encourage students to better understand the basic financial requirements of attending college. Students are also encouraged to minimize their loan requirements by seeking non-loan sources to finance their post-secondary education.

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