Xap Corporation
Xap Corporation, the premier provider of internet-based educational services, is the parent company of Bridges Transitions.

Xap Corporate Information

Effective July 21, 2006, Bridges Transitions has been acquired by Xap Corporation, the leading provider of electronic and internet-based information management systems for college-bound students. The first company to partner with associations and institutions of higher learning, Xap was the pioneer in developing regional, university-approved Mentor websites designed to guide students through the comparison, selection, application to admission and financial aid stages of preparing for college.

Extending Bridges reach beyond the K-12 marketplace, the complementary power of Xap and Bridges promise a successful future that will effectively support students and their families, universities, and sponsors with the most comprehensive and widely used online information services available anywhere.

Bridges is the leading provider of software-based and online education planning, career exploration, and high school/college test prep resources.

Our 3,400 customers represent 14,000+ schools and agencies across the U.S. and Canada. Our products are used by 30% of high schools and more than one million graduating students each year.

Company Profile

From time to time, Bridges has openings for talented people to join our team. We welcome your inquiries following the instructions included with each posting.