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Clay McLeod, LL.B., B.Ed.

Clay is a Grade 8 Social Studies and English teacher at Springvalley Middle School in the Central Okanagan School District, and he has worked as an elementary school teacher in the past, applying the global education approach with students in grades 3-6. He has participated in two global education action institutes co-sponsored by the B.C.T.F. and the Canadian International Development Agency, and he has presented over 10 global education workshops to teachers in British Columbia. He is a published author and wrote the cover story about Fair Trade chocolate in the January/February, 2005 issue of OWL Magazine.  He is writing a book called The World in Your Classroom: Engaging Students in Global Education. Before teaching, Clay worked as a lawyer and consultant for several years.

Creating Global Citizens
Presented by Clay McLeod

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Creating Global Citizens is an engaging and interactive webinar that will introduce participants to the promise and potential that global education has for their teaching practice. Global education engages students in authentic tasks, addressing prescribed learning outcomes in exciting ways while teaching social responsibility. Students practice valuable literacy and thinking skills while learning to value social justice, human rights, equality, and ecological sustainability. Learn how you can get students to take authentic action to make the world a better place. Explore the potential that this approach to teaching has for you and your students.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe what global education is
  • Plan how to use global education to meet learning outcomes while teaching students social responsibility
  • Use the global education approach to motivate and engage students in engaging and exciting authentic classroom learning activities.

Participants will receive:

  • The "Creating Global Citizens" participants' package, a .pdf booklet by McLeod, containing excerpts from his book, The World in Your Classroom: Engaging Students in Global Education
  • A bibliography and list of valuable Internet resources
  • Student handouts in .PDF explaining the phenomenon of Fair Trade chocolate in a way that will engage your students in this issue