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Paws in JoblandTM

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Engage Young Minds
in Career Exploration

Paws in Jobland ignites interest in career awareness and exploration, encourages reading skills development and expands computer navigation skills for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

See the excitement Paws in Jobland generates.
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Spark Curiosity
Fresh, inviting activities expand career awareness for elementary students. Students love Paws, the friendly dog with a great sense of humor, who takes them on a lively tour of Jobland. They learn about their interests and many kinds of work environments. Students get so involved with Paws they don't want to stop. They especially like the quiz game and puzzle.

Read, Listen, Explore -- On Their Own
Colorful graphics and multimedia spark students' curiosity and invite them to explore nearly 100 careers. An easy reading level and audio help students use the program on their own. That saves you time and lets you reach more students, including those with special needs.

Paws in Jobland Highlights

  • Nearly 100 careers come to life with full audio and real job environment pictures.
  • 40 detailed lesson plans with copy-ready worksheets.
  • 20 parent involvement activities.
  • Job Finder assessment with 26 key questions to survey students' interests.
  • ABC Search encourages students to browse jobs in a simple database.
  • Game-style quiz to review and reinforce in an interactive, fun way.
  • Paper/pencil personal portfolio plan.
  • Alignment with the National Career Development guidelines, SCANS skills, and state and local standards integration.

Students tap into their interests. The JobFinder Interest Survey asks students 26 key questions to survey their interests and then links student interests to work environments and jobs.

Students explore careers in familiar settings. In Jobland, students actively explore 20 work environments they see in the community. Multimedia brings 99 careers to life with actual workers talking about their jobs. Students see real job site pictures and work activities. ABC Search encourages students to browse jobs in a simple database.

Game-style quiz motivates students to come back for more. Students review learning with a hands-on quiz that makes learning fun. Reinforces problem-solving skills. The interactive puzzle activity rewards students for correct answers.

Paws classroom lessons enhance the learning. Dozens of classroom lessons engage all learning modalities and relate Paws in Jobland to school subjects. Reproducible worksheets and easy-to-use formats for individual, group, or class activities save you time. Activities integrate technology into your curriculum.

Want to Know More?
Your dedicated Bridges team is ready to serve you -- call us to learn more about Paws in Jobland. See our ordering information to prepare your purchase order any time.

Paws in Jobland is a trademark of Studie og Erhverv International ApS and is used under license by Bridges Transitions Co. Bridges and designs are trademarks of Bridges Transitions Co. Copyright ® 2004. All rights reserved.

“Everyone is talking about Paws in Jobland and raving about it. Every grade level can do something with it and learn from it. Nothing we've ever purchased compares.”

-- Mary Pat McCartney
School Counselor
Bristow Run Elementary
Bristow, VA

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Set of elementary lesson plans

Full-color poster
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