testGEAR: Highlights & Features

It shows them what they know and what they also need to work on. We also use it as an objective assessment of our program...it shows us what the student knows and what we need to focus more attention on.

- Carolyn Lindstrom, Futures High School, CA

testGEAR for Math

  • Optional 20-minute diagnostic test
  • 19 Practorial lessons covering 28 test-taking strategies
  • 50 MicroCourse lessons covering 179 learning skills
  • 8 Practice Tests to build confidence
  • 2 Mini Tests
  • Over 1,000 practice questions
  • Fun, engaging and relevant content
  • Explanatory feedback with every question

State Standards Correlation
View the spreadsheet to understand how testGEAR® for Math covers specific skills and strategies to align to your state's standards.

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State Specific Curriculum
Find out how testGEAR for Math helps your students meet challenging state-specific content standards with customized curriculum for six unique high stakes exit exams.

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